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The Critical Path AIDS Project was founded by Kiyoshi Kuromiya, who demonstrated that the Internet can provide a cost-effective means of delivering life-saving information to otherwise hard-to-reach populations.

After his death from AIDS in 2000, Philadelphia FIGHT continued and expanded his work to offer Internet services to the larger community.

All services are hosted by May First/People Link. Once you have an account through Critical Path, you automatically become a member of May First/People Link and can manage your account through their Member Control Panel.



  • We offer free web-based email using a program called IMP. Send and receive email to from any computer with Internet Access.
  • We currently have no limits on storage space for your email.
  • If you are a heavy email user, we suggest using an Email Client to download your mail. Critical Path works with Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Entourage, Thunderbird, or any other email client.
  • Unlike many web-based email programs, Critical Path email accounts have no advertising, and do not track any email that is sent or received by you.
  • Critical Path will not hand over any personal information to anyone without a legal requirement.

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Electronic Mailing Lists

Mailing lists are a great way for a group of people to email each other without remembering everyone’s email address. They are perfect for activist groups, affinity groups, and other community groups organizing around a topic or issue.

Mailing lists feature the following.

  • Many people can share information on a particular subject.
  • You can administer your own list after it is set up.
  • Users can subscribe and unsubscribe to the list without bothering you.
  • List owner may restrict who subscribes (closed list) or may choose not to restrict subscribers (open list.)
  • Messages can be archived for future reference
  • List owners can moderate the list to scan postings before they go out to everyone.
  • We use a software program called Mailman to host lists.

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Note: Critical Path reserves the right to refuse creation of any electronic Mailing Lists that do not meet the mission and vision of Critical Path.

Website Hosting

  • We host non-profit or community websites.
  • We do not host commercial or personal websites.
  • All websites must register a domain BEFORE applying for a Critical Path website account.
  • If you do not already have a domain name, register your domain name with a domain name registration service such as GoDaddy or Network Solutions. There is a yearly fee for registering a domain name.
  • Websites hosted on Critical Path can be enabled to use any of the following:
    • C++
    • Perl,
    • JAVA
    • SSL encryption
    • PHP
    • CGI scripts
    • Database Hosting with MySQL
  • We are NOT a web design organization. We cannot design, create, or modify your website. Our small help desk staff cannot answer questions regarding specific HTML code, Java or CGI scripts, Perl, or MySQL databases.
  • We recommend YIKES, Inc. to help you with any website design issues that you may have. Please contact them at:

Note: No Web pages may contain illegal, copyrighted or pornographic material.

Note: Critical Path reserves the right to shut down any website that it hosts if it discovers that your website has been compromised by hackers and spammers until the issue is resolved.

Note: Critical Path reserves the right to refuse hosting a website that does not meet its mission and vision. If you feel that Critical Path has unfairly refused to host your website, please feel free to send us a letter formally spelling out how your website fits in with our vision and mission. The Critical Path team is happy to review all such inquiries.