Local and National Resources*

Aids Services in Asian Communities 215 563-2424
The Attic Youth Center
419 S. 15th Street
Monday - Friday 1-9 PM
Saturdays 12 - 8 PM
(serving LGBTQ youth ages 12 - 23)
215 545-4331
Colours, Inc.
(serving GLBT people of color)
215 496-0330
FtM Resources
GALAEI Project
Gay and Lesbian Latino AIDS Education Initiative
215 985-3382
Internet Mailing Lists
Inside & Out
A support group for GLBT youth in Norristown
610 277-9711
Key Numbers
National Runaway Switchboard 800 621-4000
Open Door Mental Health Services
Counseling for GLBT youth and adults
215 563-0652 ext 209
Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays
215 572-1833
Philadelphia Community Health Alternatives
215 563-0652
PCHA Mazzoni Clinic
free and anonymous HIV testing
215 563-0658
Philadelphia Lesbian & Gay Task Force
Anti-Violence Hotline
215 772-2005
Planned Parenthood 215 351-5560
Suicide and Crisis Intervention 215 686-4420
Support Groups
Unity, Inc
Serving GLBT people of color
215 851-1912
Voyage House
Services for runaway and homeless youth
(note: Voyage House will call parents of runaways
215 545-2910
William Way LGBT Community Center 215 732-2220
Women Organized Against Rape 215 985-3333
Women in Transition 215 564-5301
*Although one of THAC's primary functions is making referrals to transgender-friendly resources, making appropriate referrals requires us to have some basic information from our clients beforehand. Because of this, THAC sanctioned referrals are made only through actual contact between a THAC peer counselor and an individual requesting services, either in person or through the THAC hot line. Therefore, the listings on these pages are for general information purposes only, and are not to be taken as official THAC referrals. Anyone using a resource listed on this page is free to mention THAC as a source of information, but can not claim THAC referred them unless they've spoken to a THAC counselor first. Please help us keep these listings up-to-date and accurate. Send any corrections, additions, or deletions to thac@critpath.org
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