My Dinner with Kiyoshi, September, 1999

By Kirby Urner: “Kiyoshi and I agreed over tasty entrées that Love’s Body [by psychoanalytic writer Norman O. Brown] was an illuminating book ­ he¹d read it too. And I think it was our shared willingness to allow for “polymorphic” readings (Brown’s term) which made Fuller attractive to both of us ­ and to Hugh Kenner, a leading James Joyce scholar, who counted Fuller among the central poets of our age in his book The Pound Era. Perhaps it’s this prerequisite training in the liberal arts which Fuller’s writings require which explains why Synergetics went out of print (only to resurface on the World Wide Web): its initial readers were mostly in single-minded search of some literal core, not realizing the work is by design subversive of such approaches.”


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