Philadelphia FIGHT Vows To Continue Critical Path’s Work

Philadelphia, May, 2000 – Philadelphia FIGHT, the fiscal sponsor of the Critical Path AIDS Project announced plans to continue the work of Critical Path. Julie Davids, founder of Project TEACH (Treatment Education Activists Combating HIV) has been named Interim Director of the Critical Path AIDS Project. Plans are underway for immediate publication of the next issue of the print version of Critical Path. Computer and Internet services are expected to continue without interruption with present staff in place.

“The loss of Kiyoshi Kuromiya is a tragedy for people living with AIDS and for the AIDS community in Philadelphia and worldwide,” said Jane Shull, Executive Director of Philadelphia FIGHT. “But we will not allow his death to end our efforts to carry out his mission of bringing timely, accurate information to people living with HIV, through the Internet, through print media, and through the telephone hotline.

“We share Kiyoshi’s long held belief that information is power and we will continue, in his memory, to empower people living with AIDS to take control of their treatment. Critical Path will continue.”

Davids, a respected AIDS treatment activist, was a colleague of Kiyoshi’s, in ACT UP Philadelphia as well as through Philadelphia FIGHT.  She has served on the Community Constituency Group of the AIDS Clinical Trials Group and on many other advisory committees related to clinical research. As founder of TEACH, Davids developed the curriculum of one of the most successful peer education training programs in North America; TEACH has graduated over 350 treatment peer educators from an intensive 48 hour 8 week program and offers peer education to people living with HIV at outreach sites all over Philadelphia. TEACH’s work has been recognized nationally and internationally through poster and oral presentations at many recent scientific meetings.

Before his death, Kiyoshi met with FIGHT staff members to discuss his wishes for the continuation of Critical Path. We promised him that the organization will continue. We will keep that promise.

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