The mission of the Critical Path Project is to provide free and convenient access to information technologies, to implement and create alternative technological tools, and to develop meaningful, relevant, non-judgmental education for all people, particularly those who are in the greatest need and those who advocate for and/or serve them in order to enable all people to integrate technology into everyday life.

Critical Path’s Beliefs and Values


  • information is power
  • information should be free and accessible and uncensored
  • it is a human right to have access to information and to the Internet
  • there is always room for more learning
  • it is never too late to become digitally literate
  • it is your right to advocate for information and technology
  • everyone has a right to self determination
  • Internet is participatory and creative
  • no one should be left behind regardless of ability


  • carrying out digital justice and bridging the Digital Divide
  • including people that have been excluded by systems of oppression
  • meeting people where they are at through a harm reduction method
  • facilitating social change and helping people understand how to use technology tools to improve their lives
  • implementing out of the box approaches to reach diverse learners and communities
  • creating relevant and meaningful content
  • leveraging technology to end the AIDS epidemic and carry out our beliefs
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