AIDS and Health Care Activities and Affiliations

  • Founder, Editor, and Project Director, Critical Path Project, Inc. (1988), established and developed AIDS treatment newsletter with circulation of 10,000, and a comprehensive battery of electgronic services including an 8-line computer bulletin board system, fax-back system, and Internet services. Researched, wrote, edited and distributed each issue of Critical Path AIDS Project newsletter.
  • Co-Founder Critical Path computer bulletin board system. (1991).
  • Established this BBS as a repository for full-text federal and community-based clinical trials protocols.
  • Founding office and program manager, We The People With AIDS/ARC of the Delaware Valley (1988-1989), established as first employee of large multiracial PWA coalition membership organization (largest PWA Coalition in US), established dinner program, drop-in center, editor of newsletter.
  • Founder and co-sysop, Critical Path Project Computer bulletin board system(inaugurated, 1991), a real-time conferencing system BBS to enable rapid dissemination of resource and new treatment information, including alternative, adjunctive, and experimental treatments. On-line, 24-hour
  • information exchange for persons with AIDS and AIDS service organizations.
  • Developed and wrote HTML-documents for Critical Path Web Page.
  • Charter Member, ACT UP/Philadelphia (1988), founding member, member of Science and Medicine Committee and Action Committee. Projects have included: occupation and Consortium (Ryan-White Act Planning group), Needle Exchange Project (1991), Condoms in Public Schools (1991), and clinical
  • trial particpant advocacy related to the Salk HIV Immunogen (1990).
  • Representative, ACT UP Network, People of Color Caucus, National Communications Network Committee, National Women’s Issues Committee, Health Care Working Group., Alternative Therapies Working Group.
  • Member, Community Constituency Group, AIDS Clinical Trials Group (ACTG), NIAID, National Institutes of Health (1991). Member ACTG Site and Data Management Committee member, Systemic Mycoses Pathogen Working Group; member, Public Education and Technical Transfer Planning Committee (PETT) Project)
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