How do I configure Apple Mail to use Critical Path email?

This tutorial is based on the default Mac Mail application (also known as, version 3.6 (OS X 10.5.8, Leopard). It assumes your domain name is and your username is joyfull. This tutorial uses Mayfirst server information. For Critical path email users, the incoming Server information that you should use is: OR If you have any questions or need help, contact the Critical Path help desk at or 215-985-4448 x145 Option 2.

From the File menu, select Add Account…


Fill in your full name as you’d like it to be displayed on outgoing emails, your email address, and your email password. This password is the same one you use to access Critical Path webmail. Click Continue.

  • Select either POP or IMAP from the Account Type dropdown menu. (For help understanding and choosing between the two, see ┬áthis guide from our wiki.) Enter a Description that will help you remember what account this is. Enter your account’s server address in the Incoming Mail Server field. This is the Server name that you choose when using Critical Path webmail, either OR (instead of as shown in the image below). Enter your account’s Username and Password; again, these are the same username and password that you enter when logging into Critical Path webmail. Click Continue.

  • Enter your outgoing mail server settings. Enter a Description that makes sense to you. Your Outgoing Mail Server for Critical Path is (not as shown in the image below), as are your Username and Password. Make sure that both Use only this server and Use Authentication are checked, then click Continue.

  • You should see an Account Summary like the one below. If something looks wrong or you’ve gotten error messages, click Go Back to fix any mistakes. If everything looks right, click Create.

  • Select Preferences from the Mail menu to view the configuration for your newly created account.

  • Your account configuration should look something like the screenshot below.

Troubleshooting does not have an option to select STARTTLS. If you try to send your email and encounter problems with your outgoing server configuration, you may need to change your port settings for both Incoming and Outgoing servers.

Incoming settings:

For Outgoing server, select Edit SMTP Server List from the Outgoing Mail server select on Account Information tab:




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