How do I filter spam using webmail?

The same principles apply with slightly different specifics depending on whether you are using IMP/Horde or SquirrelMail.

Using IMP/Horde (our default webmail program)

  • Log in to the webmail program
  • Select “Options” from the top Navigation Bar
  • under “Other Options” select “Filters”.
  • Select “Apply filters when logging on.” Click Save Options. Note: please do not select to run filters everytime you display your inbox. That will cause your inbox view to be very slow.
  • Click “Edit your filter rules.”
  • Click New Rule
  • Name the rule: Filter out spam
  • Check the “All of the Following” radio buttons
  • Under “Select a field” choose “X-Spam-Flag”
  • Select “Contains” and type (exactly):

·         YES

  • Select “Deliver to folder” and either choose an existing folder (if you already have a spam folder) or Create new folder if you want to create one. We do not recommend sending spam to the trash folder, since spam filters occasionally make mistakes.
  • Click Save

IMP/Horde will now start sorting your spam. Don’t forget to visit the spam box once a day to delete all the messages in there (or transfer any you may want to read to the In Box). That’s why you created the folder. If you don’t, the only option will be to delete the spam-tagged emails and then you won’t have the option of searching them in case you suspect an email you want was filtered.

If this still doesn’t work, contact the Critical Path Help Desk at or 215-985-4448 x145 option 2 or submit a help desk ticket on the website.


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