I’m getting too much spam! Help! What can I do?

Critical Path and May First/People Link cannot control the amount of spam that you receive via email. Usually, the amount of spam you receive is based on how long you have had your email address, how many people you have given it to (including when you sign up for services on a web site), whether your address is published on many web sites, and factors that we can’t control.

Critical Path doesn’t want to block legitimate mail, particularly mass emails sent by activist organizations that you may want to receive. Every message sent to you will be delivered to you.

But Critical Path can help you set up your spam filter to better separate spam from legitimate mail. Email or call us and we can help you set up your spam filters correctly. support@critpath.org or 215-985-4448 x145 option 2.

If you are receiving messages that are spam but are not marked as *SPAM* in the subject line, then please open a support ticket on the critpath.org website and let us know. Keep in mind that no spam detection system is perfect. Depending on how much email you typically get, you can expect to see one or two spam messages squeak by per day. If you are getting a lot more than that, please let us know.


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