MayFirst/People Link

MayFirst/People Link is a politically progressive member-run and controlled organization that redefines the concept of “Internet Service Provider” in a collective and collaborative way.

Critical Path began partnering with MayFirst in 2010 to host our servers and allow Critical Path to take advantage of their already well-established system for hosting  free web-based email, electronic lists, and websites.

By having your website hosted through Critical Path, you become a member of the MayFirst/People Link collective. This provides you with:

  • Access to the full use of MayFirst/People Link’s shared, state-of-the-art hosting infrastructure.
  • Access to MayFirst/People Link’s public ticket tracking system and wiki. This provides a way for members to ask questions and get advice on how to most effectively use the Internet.
  • The ability to connect with political organizing and technology leadership of the organization. As active supporters of global movements, such as the social forum and climate justice work, May First/People Link contributes our political thinking and technology skills to these important areas.
  • A way to contribute to the development of new technologies that are consistent with MayFirst/People Link’s political vision of a free and open Internet, including support for free and open source software and open network and data standards. For more information, please see our Projects page.

You can read MayFirst/People Link’s Statement of Unity here:

You can check out other MayFirst/People Link Member’s here:

How Critical Path and MayFirst/People Link Work Together

  1. You go to the Critpath website, to sign up for an email, an electronic list or a website.
  2. We create a user account for you through MayFirst/People Link’s system.
  3. If you are simply interested in having a Critical Path email or list, there is nothing else that you need to do. You will receive an email with instructions on how to access these services.
  4. If you are hosting a website on Critical Path, then once we create your user account,  you become a member of MayFirst/People Link and can use the ticketing system and alter your settings through their website,
  5. For website’s hosted on MayFirst/People Link, you have a full range of options to create your own email accounts and electronic distribution lists, with the domain name of your website, as well as manage your website directly.
  6. If you have a problem, call the Critpath Help Desk first at 215-985-4448 x145 or email We probably know the answer and can serve as your 1st level support. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll create a ticket for you on MayFirst/People Link’s system and ask for 2nd level support.
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