Public Service Announcements about KEYSPOTS narrated by Mayor Michael Nutter [VIDEO], 05/08/2013


Case Study: Bringing Internet access to the people and places where it wouldn’t otherwise exist, Mobile Citizen, 08/30/2012

KEYSPOT: 100k hours of computer training to 10k Philadelphians in last year, planning for end of federal funding [VIDEO], Technically Philly, 08/03/2012 Nutter opens an office to seek federal grants for Philadelphia,, 07/16/2012


Case Study: Managing 850 workstation at 77 public computer centers, Faronics, 12/21/2011

Prevention Point Philadelphia Opens Public Computer Center, Philadelphia Magazine, 10/05/2011

Case Study: Grant Optimization, Business Continuity, and Productivity, Mobile Citizen, 09/18/2011

Finding Reliable Trans Health Information Online, Network for LGBT Health Equity, 06/02/2011

First of dozens of city computer centers opens in Center City Technically Philly, 05/04/2011

Net Worth, Philadelphia Gay News, 04/28/2011

Just 2 days left in Philly Tech Week, but free computing is growing,, 04/28/11

1st FIGHT computing center opens in Center City,, 04/27/2011

AIDS non-profit to help bring Internet to poor, Newsworks, WHYY, 01/04/2011



Critical Path Project gives Internet access, e-mail, hosting for HIV/AIDS community Technically Philly, 12/22/2010

Center City: Philadelphia FIGHT Provides Internet Services to HIV/AIDS Community Philadelphia Neighborhoods, 11/10/2010

FIGHT to benefit from stimulus funds, more computers Philadelphia Gay News, 07/08/2010


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