JULIET FINK, Director of Education. Juliet started working for the Critical Path Project in 2001, redesigning the website and managing the support services for 10,000 people who were using Critical Path’s dial up services to connect to the Internet and access email.  Through the Critical Path Project, she became inspired by the work of Kiyoshi Kuromiya to bring access to the Internet to those who are most in need of the life-saving information found online. In 2004, she received an Ed.M from Harvard University Graduate School of Education with a focus on Technology in Education. After this brief hiatus, she returned to Philadelphia FIGHT to supervise the FIGHT Education Department, including the Critical Path ProjectThe AIDS LibraryProject TEACH, TEACH Outside, Latino TEACH, and Frontline TEACHSafety CountsCounseling and Testing, the Youth Health Empowerment Project, and AIDS Education Month. Her work at FIGHT enables her to connect seemingly disparate issues such as HIV and other health related topics, housing and homelessness, sex work, addiction, and youth prevention, with the fight for internet freedom and access to information

ROBIN JOHNSON, Public Computer Center Assistant and Trainer.
Robin has been a part of the Critical Path Project since March of 2012. She started taking basic computer classes at Philadelphia FIGHT. She excelled so fast in her class that Johnson started working part time as a PCC (Public Computer Center) Assistant. Johnson has been a certified nursing assistant for 25 years. Her heart wanted more and enjoyed helping people so she expanded herself in the work force. Regardless of her past struggles she never stopped wanting more for herself. She is always eager, and has a readiness to learn new things that she never knew before. Behind her big beautiful smile is a lifetime of struggles that keeps her moving forward. Johnson’s lifetime quote is “People who judge don’t matter and people who matter don’t judge.”

ISAAC FLOMO, Public Computer Center Assistant at Y-HEP
Isaac started out as a volunteer at Y-HEP through the AmeriCorps program. Getting a paid position was a goal he always pushed for. This is his first employed position. Hard-working and consistent are ways you can describe him. He is a college student attending Peirce College. He majors in Entrepreneurship with hopes of owning successful businesses. His business ideas include travel, insurance, and music. Outside of Y-HEP, he enjoys video games, basketball, and running. He is also a rapper who focuses on Christian and conscious themes. Overall, Isaac aims to be the best person he can be. He believes in writing the vision and chasing it until it’s reached.

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